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2009-11-24 20:24:43 by Hakix

So... I am finished 2 flashes and I am excited to post them when I feel like it. In the meantime, It will feel like I am nothing. If you've wound up here, then just wait a while and there will be some lame stuff to look at. I have only been working with flash for like what, 2 months? Some big stars have been working on flash for 8 years!

Anyways, does anyone know a well-written tutorial for making flash games? 'Cause all I'm makin' right now are the lamest flashes ever.

EDIT: I have uploaded my N00B one and will probably not make judgement.
HAHAHA. It did make judgement.


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2009-11-27 23:16:53

I didn't even think your "Engaging Question" one would make it.